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Senior Software Engineer / Solutions Architect (Europe)
About the product


Our partner is an American company that specializes in developing AI technologies to revolutionize the operational activities of large companies in the oil refining sector. Their innovative product has already attracted major players in the industry, such as Shell and Chevron.

By implementing this system, the clients can look forward to modernized and accelerated statistical data processing and analysis, streamlined document flow, and optimized management of resources and warehouses. With these improvements, businesses can expect increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a competitive edge in the market.

Technology stack

Front-End: TypeScript, NextJS, React, Zustand, Webpack, Module Federation

Database/Storage: PostgreSQL, Azure CosmosDB, Redis, Databricks

Architecture: Microfrontends, Microservices, BFF, CQRS+ ML/AI

Back-End: TypeScript, Python, NestJS, Kafka, Dapr

Infrastructure: Azure, OpenShif

Your team

You will become a valued member of our development team. Our team includes a Software Engineer, Front-End Engineer, Data Engineer, and QA Engineer. There is also a partner-side team, you will work with: CTO, DevOps Engineer, Lead QA, and Product Owner.

Collaborating with a group of passionate professionals, you will play a pivotal role in crafting essential business tools. By joining our team, you'll not only be immersed in a dynamic environment that fosters innovation but you'll also have the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the technological landscape.


We are committed to implementing high standards in the technology industry, and it is the fundamental principle of our work. To achieve this goal, the company and all its members are constantly evolving.

Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the product, the company, the team, the industry, and our personal development. At Techstack, you have the option to choose from various growth opportunities that align with your interests:

- meetups, where you can share your knowledge and develop simultaneously by sharing your experiences within the company and local technical communities;

- roles such as a mentor, a technical expert, or a technical lead. In any of these roles, you will assist junior professionals and share your knowledge and experiences with them;

- participation in our technical Guilds, where you can engage in discussions about technical solutions, approaches, and industry trends.

All of these elements contribute to shaping the culture and expertise within both, our team and the company as a whole.

Your responsibilities

Design and implement robust, scalable, and secure IT solutions for our generative AI technology and corporate chat apps.

Collaborate closely with the development team to ensure seamless integration of components.

Work on-site or remotely, contributing to a small, dynamic team to deliver a functional prototype on Microsoft Cloud.

It's about you

Have experience as a Software Engineer with a minimum of 5 years.

Have experience in IT Software Architecture.

Have the ability to take business trips.

Expertise in lakehouse technology (Databricks, Iceberg, or similar).

Proficiency in utilizing Azure Cloud services, Containers, Kubernetes, Red Hat Openshift, or some other Cloud services.

Hands-on experience with Graph databases and in-memory databases.

Familiarity with Cloud Object Storage S3 and prompt engineering principles.

Will be a plus:

Have background in DevOps, security practices, and instant messaging platforms.

Previous exposure to generative AI technologies.

What we have for you

Stable and long-term position in an experienced team.

Broad opportunities for professional and career growth, including professional challenges that encourage personal development, meetups, hackathons, professional communities, and more.

Direct communication with all stakeholders and the ability to influence product development.

Horizontal connections and absence of micromanagement, fostering a collaborative environment where all team members are accessible to each other for any concerns.

Hubs in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, and Wrocław (Poland) or everything necessary for remote work.

Up to 50% compensation for the cost of educational courses and conferences to support professional development.

Free English language and business English courses.

20 days off and 5 sick days to support your health and well-being.

Legal and accounting support.

Appreciation gifts for significant events and occasions.

How to join Techstack

Pre-screening with Recruiter.

Expert review of your resume.

English check.

Interview with our experts.

Interview with our partner.

About us

Techstack is a technology product engineering company that sets an example for high development standards in the IT industry. We empower each team member to influence the development of the product, company, and processes.

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