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Our team

I am impressed that the company's values allow us to break the IT paradigm of "customer/executor" and work side-by-side with foreign partners on the product's success, to put one's soul into it.

Alexey Rusetskyi

Product Manager at Techstack

The knowledge I have acquired here determined the vector of my development.

Oleksii Shastalo

student of QA Automation Camp at Techstack

Our partners

I liked working with Techstack because I trusted the founders. There’s a lot of outsourced development companies, and they’ve got good senior leadership, but the original founders are often detached from the company.

Mark Beare

Former VP Research & Development, Corel Corporation

We’re very happy with Techstack Ltd. The team is proficient in all of the processes that were advertised, as well as proficient in terms of the development language, platform, and skillset.

Derick Daily

CEO, Savage Bureau

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