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Junior Lead Generation Manager
About the product


As a Junior Lead Generation Manager in our company, you will learn to conduct research and testing of various lead generation tools. You will also work with our database, updating, filtering, and extracting information.

Together with the team, you will brainstorm to create new campaigns and gain a deep understanding of lead generation best practices. We focus on creating real value for our partners worldwide.

In our company, we highly value innovation and inspiration, so the use of cutting-edge technologies and tools is key to our success.

Your team

Our team includes professionals with different specializations, but we all share the common goal of ensuring the success of our company. We work together to build a strong team and ensure the effectiveness of our efforts. Our Sales team consists of Lead Generation Managers, SMM specialists, Warm-up specialists, and Sales Managers. We also collaborate with other departments, including the marketing team, to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that contribute to our growth and success.


We uphold high standards in the tech industry, and this is the guiding principle of our work. To meet this standard, the company and all its members are continuously improving.

Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the product, company, team, industry, and personal development. The Sales direction directly influences the growth and development of the company as a whole, so you will have the opportunity to build the company together with other members and grow professionally.

We gather to discuss industry news, such as automation, data science, business analysis, and modern sales strategies. In addition to work moments, we gather together and conduct team-building activities with various interactive games. 

All this shapes our team's culture and expertise and the company as a whole.

Your responsibilities

Administration of the CRM system to ensure its smooth operation.

Cleaning and filtering data to ensure the accuracy and relevance of lead information in the CRM system.

Developing, implementing, and monitoring campaigns on LinkedIn and through email to attract potential leads.

Generating and analyzing reports to gain insights into the effectiveness of the CRM system and the performance of conducted campaigns.

Performing data entry tasks as required, such as updating lead information, entering campaign data, and managing databases.

It's about you

Have a minimum of commercial experience as a Lead Generation Manager or have completed a course in this area.

Confidently use office programs for processing information, such as Excel, Google Sheets.

Understand the IT industry and follow trends.

Proficiently use all laptop functions (quickly adapt to new applications, can easily solve tasks, and process information within short timeframes).

Approach monotonous work with understanding and can creatively approach the overall process.

Have an Intermediate level or higher proficiency in English.

Pay attention to details and have a high level of responsibility.

What we have for you

Stable and long-term position in an experienced team.

Broad opportunities for professional and career growth, including professional challenges that encourage personal development, meetups, hackathons, professional communities, and more.

Horizontal connections and absence of micromanagement, fostering a collaborative environment where all team members are accessible to each other for any concerns.

Hubs in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, and Wrocław (Poland) or everything necessary for remote work.

Up to 50% compensation for the cost of educational courses and conferences to support professional development.

Free English language and business English courses.

20 days off and 5 sick days to support your health and well-being.

Legal and accounting support.

Appreciation gifts for significant events and occasions.

How to join Techstack

Pre-screening with recruiter.

Review of your resume by experts.

English check.

Completion of a test task.

Interview with Head of Lead Generation Department.

About us

Techstack is a technology product engineering company that sets an example for high development standards in the IT industry. We empower each team member to influence the development of the product, company, and processes.

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