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Lead Generation Manager
About the product:

Software and product development company Techstack is looking for a Lead Generation Manager to join our team. The current team has lead generation as a subdivision, which provides a constant flow of leads with different heat states from cold to hot.

About the role:

As a Lead Generation Manager, you will research and test automation tools, manage leads, and extract, filter, and enrich data. You will brainstorm new campaigns with your team, gain a deep understanding of lead generation best practices, and deliver real value to our partners worldwide.

You will:

Research directories with campaign-related keywords;

Engage in directory scraping;

Analyze and improve outreach campaigns;

Research and test automation tools;

Search, filter and enrich lead data;

Set up and maintain campaign automation;

Collect statistics and create reports;

Manage tasks for data entry specialist;

Administer cold customer databases;

Manage CRM (early stages of warm leads only).


Have 6 months of experience in Lead Generation Management;

Understand the IT industry;

Are good at internet research;

Have experience with Linkedin;

Know all the secrets of working on a laptop (you can quickly navigate even new applications, easily solve a task and process information in a short time);

Are proficient user of office information processing programs, such as Google Office or Microsoft;

Have the ability to handle monotonous work while being creative in the overall process;

Have an Intermediate level of English or higher;

Are responsible and attentive to details.

We will:

Take care of solid opportunities for your professional and career growth;

Provide challenging tasks and a friendly, experienced team;

Maintain a flat hierarchy without micromanagement — our doors are open, and all teammates are approachable;

Provide the ability to make an impact on company development;

Give up to 50% compensation for educational courses and conferences price for professional growth;

Help you improve or maintain your English level in our free English classes and The Business English Course;

Give 23 business days of leave and 10 sick days;

Assist with legal and accounting support;

Implement regular team events and activities;

Give unforgettable emotions and gifts for significant life events.


Techstack is a product-oriented software development company that sees its mission as bringing high standards to the technology industry. 

We are not solo players but a band with common goals. We are 170+ highly-skilled specialists and keep growing as a team and professionals.

Would you like to be a part of our team?
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