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Back-End Engineer (C++)
About the product


Our partner is a Czech company specializing in Mixed Reality, Machine Learning and Computer Vision solutions. The company develops innovative products that open up broad possibilities for expanding horizons in the technology sphere.

Our product is Assembly Assistant Device that combines advanced computer vision and augmented reality technologies. The system is mounted above the workstations of employees in manufacturing plant, allowing them to assemble complex parts with incredible precision and efficiency by eliminating the correct places with the built-in projector. Thanks to mixed reality, the system becomes a kind of navigator for workers, providing visual cues on how to assemble parts. Computer Aided Assembly ensures high accuracy and productivity in the assembly process, reducing training time and error correction costs.

Technology stack




Your team

As a Back-End Engineer, you will join a team consisting of a Business Analyst and two talented C++ Engineers. Your role will involve improving existing setups, establishing neural connections between the system and various mechanical components, and training artificial intelligence to recognize these connections. Together with the team, you will continuously work on enhancing the existing code to ensure optimal productivity, develop new functionalities, create new algorithms, apply machine learning methods, and add new features that simplify the process of assembling mechanisms.


We uphold high standards in the technology industry, which is the guiding principle of our work. To adhere to this principle, Techstack and all members are always moving forward. Each of us has the opportunity to make our own contribution to the product, the company, the team, the industry, and our personal development.

Additionally, at Techstack, you can choose your preferred development format:

meetups where you can share your knowledge and simultaneously develop by expanding your experience within the company and local technical communities;

roles as a mentor, technical expert, or technical lead. In these roles, you will assist junior specialists and share your knowledge and experience with them;

participation in our technical guilds, where you can discuss technical solutions, approaches, and industry trends.

All of this contributes to our technical culture and the expertise of the company.

Your responsibilities

Develop high-performance applications and libraries in C++.

Design and implement new features.

Optimize performance and memory usage.

Debug and fine-tune code.

Participate in code reviews.

It's about you

Have 3+ years of C++ development experience.

Experienced in UI development, rendering with OpenGL, and image recognition libraries like OpenCV.

Have a deep understanding of object-oriented programming and design patterns.

Experienced in unit testing and continuous integration.

Have an Intermediate or higher level of English proficiency.

Have excellent communication skills.

It will be a plus if you are

Experienced with Point Cloud, Open3D, cross-platform compilation, and Neural Engine (Python).

Experienced with ImGui.

What we have for you

Stable and long-term position in an experienced team.

Broad opportunities for professional and career growth, including professional challenges that encourage personal development, meetups, hackathons, professional communities, and more.

Direct communication with all stakeholders and the ability to influence product development.

Horizontal connections and absence of micromanagement, fostering a collaborative environment where all team members are accessible to each other for any concerns.

Hubs in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, and Wrocław (Poland) or everything necessary for remote work.

Up to 50% compensation for the cost of educational courses and conferences to support professional development.

Free English language and business English courses.

23 days off and 10 sick days to support your health and well-being.

Legal and accounting support.

Appreciation gifts for significant events and occasions.

How to join Techstack

Pre-screening with Recruiter.

English check.

Review of your CV by experts.

Interview with our experts.

About us

Techstack is a technology product engineering company that sets an example for high development standards in the IT industry. We empower each team member to influence the development of the product, company, and processes. LearnMoreAboutTechstack

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